High quality, innovative, inclusive care and education

KCPS rated EXCEEDING in all 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standard Framework

Keiraville Community Preschool (KCPS) is a not for profit preschool, providing high quality, family centered learning in the Illawarra, since 1952.

KCPS is a COVID19 Safe Workplace.
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Our transition to school program is Internationally recognised

National Quality Standard rating EXCEEDING in all 7 quality areas

KCPS offers a stimulating learning environment with a focus on each child’s individual strengths, interests and unique potential.

Children have room to explore: we educate 40 children a day within a space that could hold more than 250. We believe all children deserve high quality, inclusive care and education.

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illawarra preschool outdoor learning play

“Something magical happens when children are given space to explore. Imaginations come alive, and the pace of play becomes slower, more relaxed. Our program balances structured learning and creative play throughout the day.”

margaret gleeson managing director KCPSMARGARET GLEESON

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Beyond the fence – An innovative bush preschool program in the Mt Keira escarpment
bush preschool program children wollongong kcps

Bush preschool is an enriched learning experience in which children:

  • spend unhurried time playing in nature
  • are free to explore, collaborate, communicate and question
  • participate in adventurous journeys to deepen learning
  • develop positive attitudes to themselves as capable learners and citizens

What the Explorers say…

“I like looking at all the big rocks”

– Kieran, 4

“I liked finding feathers. I think these feather come from some birds.”

“The spaceships are spiky!” (Turpentine seed pods)

“Silent means being as quiet as possible. I can hear birds.”
– Henri

“I liked finding our way through the bush. There were big hills.”
– Kieran