What makes us special

At Keiraville Community Preschool (KCPS) we are an innovative community of learners: children, families and staff, and rated ‘Exceeding’ in all 7 quality areas of the National quality Standard Framework.

What are we famous for?

  • KCPS achieved a rating of Exceeding in all 7 Quality areas of the National Quality Standard
  • We have a proud history of community ownership reaching back to 1952 with community links that are recognized and valued
  • You would be joining a caring community of learners. Together we make a difference
  • Your child will experience a joyful childhood now while preparing for a positive future
  • KCPS has a strong vision for a positive now for our community and an exciting future

What makes our Preschool special

A caring, child friendly, community atmosphere

You and your child can feel valued and belong here

Our natural bushland setting gives daily contact with nature

Listen to the birds, watch the changing seasons

Our amazing outdoor space with so much to explore

Your child has space to run, challenges to set. We educate 40 children a day within a space than could hold more than 250

A stimulating learning environment that sparks the imagination

Children thinking, questioning, experimenting. A strong foundation of education

A relaxed day where creativity is supported and celebrated
Time to sniff the roses, watch the clouds, A myriad of ideas to consider and time to explore them

Our preschool advocates for children, education and families

High ethical standards

Our comprehensive transition to school program is internationally recognised

Transition to school is a process, not an event. The program starts from day one. Your role in transition to school is respected and supported. Your child will develop positive attitudes to school.

Families own our preschool and their participation rights are valued

Strong community spirit and years of commitment, work and contribution by individuals, families and local businesses is visible and highly valued

Highly qualified educators recognised as leaders in their field

Educators focused on your child’s well being, foster their creativity and self identity, A vibrant and dynamic, play based curriculum to help your child achieve their potential, Families as partners supporting a strong foundation of learning and education

Tour our Preschool

Outdoor space

Indoor learning environment

Our Educators

Our team is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated.

We have both University and TAFE qualified educators who are are very experienced and keep up to date with current research.

We have three university trained educators each day, over the required number.

“Something magical happens when children are given space to explore. Imaginations come alive, and the pace of play becomes slower, more relaxed. Our program balances structured learning and creative play throughout the day.”

– Margaret Gleeson, KCPS Managing Director

preschool program transition to school
Bush Preschool at Keiraville Community Preschool mossy rock

Innovative Programs

We offer Bush Preschool and an internationally recognised transition to school program

preparing for preschool at keiraville

A day at KCPS

What to expect at KCPS and tips for settling in

frequently asked questions
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Questions and Answers

Information and common questions

At our preschool in Wollongong, Children have room to explore. We educate 40 children a day within a space that could hold more than 250.

We welcome all children and believe that diversity and differences enrich our learning community.

Our natural bushland setting in Wollongong’s Mt Keira escarpment, gives children daily contact with a variety of birds and animals, with opportunities for learning about nature.

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