Frequently asked questions and answers

During school terms: Weekdays from 8am – 3.30/3.45pm.

The earliest drop off time is 8.00am. However, families choose to drop off at a time that suits their morning routine.

Our extended hours are 3.30/3.45pm, with an additional fee. Preschool is closed from 3.45pm each day.

Educators will comfort your child and help them to calm and be happy.

A personalised orientation plan can help reduce the anxiety of separation for both your child and family.

We have lots of ideas to help: Read our tips for settling in

Educators will discuss your child’s needs and interests so they can have the best preschool experiences possible. We will liaise with your family and other professionals to maximise their learning.

The youngest we enrol children is 3 years of age.

Please submit your details using our online waitlist form.

You can request a paper form by emailing, or fill out a form over the phone on (02) 4229 6442.

You’re also welcome to come into preschool to fill out a form, stay for a play and find out more about us.

Educators liaise with families to ensure children’s health and safety is protected. We will put plans in place to manage medical conditions and control risks.

KCPS has been nut free for many years as one of our risk minimizing strategies.

Funding from the NSW Government and fees from families are used to operate the preschool. We try to keep fees as affordable as possible. Fees vary as government funding changes.

Phone (02) 4229 6442 for our current fees.

Families are encouraged to send a balanced healthy meal for lunch. This may include:

  • a wholemeal sandwich
  • dairy such as yogurt or cheese
  • fresh fruit and veggies

Not suitable for preschool are “Sometimes” foods such as packaged snacks and foods high in salt, fat or sugar.

Our newsletter will have lots of ideas. KCPS is bound by the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia and the National Quality Standards.

We need a positive community of people actively involved in many ways for our preschool to continue to thrive. There are lots of ways that families can become involved in the preschool. Involvement can range from joining the Management Committee or P&C, supporting fundraising ventures, helping at maintenance times, sharing expertise and community links or spending time playing during the day and much more.

We value the active involvement of families and see it as important for not only our preschool community and also for our society.

We have a true open door policy with families welcome to join us as time allows. Some families stay and play in the morning, join us for lunch or come in to share interests and talents with a small group.

Yes, we have University qualified educators and TAFE qualified educators. Our educators are very experienced and keep up to date with current research.

We have over the required number of educators each day.

Yes, your child will be placed in a focus group and stay with the same educator and group of children throughout the year. This allows strong relationships to develop and personalised planning for your child. All educators build strong relationships with all children and collaborate to support their learning. Educators relish the opportunity to go on the learning journey with children and families.

Preschool has a predictable routine so children feel secure, happy and settled. Long periods of uninterrupted play gives the children multiple opportunities to interact with the environment and their friends, to master skills, explore interests and use creativity.

There will be time for intentional teaching and learning in a small group as well.

For an example, see our normal preschool day page.

KCPS has an internationally recognised, comprehensive Transition to School Program that will provide experiences for both children and families.

Over their entire preschool experience children will be supported as they develop positive dispositions and skills that will be important at school and also in life.

In partnership with families, educators will build on children’s prior knowledge and experiences to develop their confidence in the move to the school setting.

Read about our Transition to School Program.

  • KCPS achieved a rating of Exceeding in all 7 Quality areas of the National Quality Standard.
  • We have a proud history of community ownership reaching back to 1952 with community links that are recognized and valued.
  • You would be joining a caring community of learners. Together we make a difference.
  • Your child will experience a joyful childhood now, while preparing for a positive future.
  • KCPS has a strong vision for a positive now for our community and an exciting future.

Read more about KCPS and what makes us special.

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