The rhythm of normal day at preschool

We believe it’s important for children to be happy and settled in their learning environment. Children learn through play.

Our preschool day has a natural rhythm, a relaxed pace where one part flows comfortably into the next and transitions are smooth.

Our routine allows for long periods of uninterrupted play. This provides the children with multiple opportunities to interact with the environment and their friends, master skills, explore interests and use creativity.

Children are provided with choice and educators are close by to facilitate their learning and interact closely with them. Educators have time to interact in meaningful ways with individual and small teams of children and to facilitate in-depth investigations based on children’s interests. Families are always welcome.

Keiraville preschool, uninterrupted play time

Normal preschool day schedule 


Families and children arrive.

Fruit, library bags and lunches unpacked. Sign in for children and families. Sharing of relevant information with educators.  Indoor / Outdoor play.


Terms 2 and 3

Bush Preschool

One team of children and 2 educators spend time in the bush at identified play areas. Children prepare themselves for bush preschool following a visual checklist. Teams are usually away from 9.30 to 12.30.


Morning Tea begins.

Fruit platters are cut outside at morning tea table for children to eat when they are ready. (Children wash hands and serve themselves fruit using tongs).This is a relaxed time for conversations to flow while the children are with friends eating.


Term 1, weeks 5-10 PALS program in the music room.

Children who are attending primary school the following year participate in a social skills program 1 day per week.


Term 3 & 4

School time/Early learning time

Children, who are attending primary school the following year, move to the music room to participate in school time. Children returning to preschool in the following year, meet in the foyer for Early learning time.



Sunscreen is reapplied. Children wash hands and recognise their own lunch boxes. We move to the picnic tables to enjoy a social lunch. Lunch is seen as a valuable opportunity for social interaction and conversation. When children are finished lunch, they put their lunch box in their bag and move to free play.


The team time song calls the children to move off into individual teams with their focus educator.  Forty children are divided into four teams that will be in various locations around preschool for this time.

More about focus groups

Each child is placed in a focus group and stay with the same educator and group of children throughout the year. This allows strong relationships to develop and personalised planning for your child. All educators build strong relationships with all children and collaborate to support their learning. Educators relish the opportunity to go on the learning journey with children and families.


Children and educators tidy the learning environment and pack away outdoors. Families start to arrive.


Together Time

Children and an educator share stories, songs, games and construction experiences as families arrive.

3.00pm – 3.45pm

Extended hours care available on a permanent or casual basis


Preschool closed

Keiraville preschool, children serve themselves fruit
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