Our Community Preschool is located in the Wollongong suburb of Keiraville, amongst the trees of the Mt Keira Escarpment.

Our Transition to School program is internationally recognised. Children have daily contact with nature through our natural bushland setting. The program includes components for both families and children.

Keiraville Community Preschool acknowledges early childhood as a valuable stage of life, important in its own right and not solely a stepping stone to formal education. It is vital that the child’s capacity for joy, curiosity and love of learning today is not compromised by the preparation for tomorrow. The embedding of “Transition to School” in a rich play based curriculum respects children’s rights of “Being” as well as the “Becoming”.

An extract from our 2018 Transition to Preschool Program Guide

Bush Preschool experience in Wollongong’s Mt Keira Escarpment

Bush Preschool is an innovate program developed by KCPS and contributes to each of the 5 Learning Outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia. Children love to participate in our Bush Preschool Program.

In small groups, children adventure into the Mt Keira Escarpment where they spend unhurried time playing in nature, and are free to explore, collaborate, communicate and question. Why Bush Preschool? Find out more.

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